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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Another boring Saturday.

Just thought id come in to drop a line or two.. i know its sad that a 20 year old doesn't having anything better to do sadly i know. this mourning i woke up with bad pain in my sholder(left) and i was still tierd and i hant gotten out of bed yet but i had to push myself to get up anyway even tho i just wanted to lay there . i have taken my morn. meds and im awaiting to see what the day will bring lol nothing but read well listing to my book and talking online at hhtp:// i love it there! meet some great people. well i did get out of the house today i went shoe shopping with my step dad yay fun fun fun lol i hate to go out sometimes , little kids and "bigkids" are staring because they just saw me get out of the car fine now im in a wheelchair(wc) what they dont get is that if i still want to be able to walk around the house then that means wc while out. the dont ask y they just stare and i think i would rather them stare at me cuz im in a wc then stare at me trying to walk(looking like im drunk)


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