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Sunday, August 14, 2005


hello, its sad u know it sad that i just woke up and im still sleepy. ugh .i am still trying to get used to my new glasses (bifocals :( ) there ok untill i try to go up or down steps then its kinda funky... i have noticed that i can read better. lol. next week mon. (the 22) im sposto be going hom,e untill my next navantrone treatment. i wanna go i just dont wanna be away from mom we will see i guess. hopefully it will be just fine im also dreading it being so damn hot yucky hot.... ive told mom that she spoling me being up here it gets warm but on most days when they say it will be 90 its 90 not 90 and feels like 110 cuz at home the damn humity is nuts 100% humity like all the time im dreading that part...


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