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Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Hey how goes it??? well ok lets see... im just been sitting around being bored... heres how it is im so crushing on this one boy well guy around town he knows me he used to come around the house long time ago but he and his (then ) girl friend dissed us at the house and we didnt talk for a long time then he came up to the house one night and apallowgized to us all one by one... he has had a bad childhood like wise... he is a pot head but lately who isnt he came up to the house the other night talking like he had to stop cuz he was going to get a job for 12:50 an hr. and round here thats good I don’t know I have to run it by my best friend cuz she is my only ride anywhere so I wrote he a letter tonight we will see how that goes.. I just need someone for me and only me to talk without it getting everywhere. And to and have fun with not a drug thing but just fun in general!! (mom if your reading lol) ill let ya know how it goes.

ok I have informed my best friend that #1 im not going to let ms run my life anymore damnit im 21 yr old I need to have fun!! And #2 that im crushing on this guy that lives in town I didnt ask her if I should I told her I was !!! im living for me not anyone else!!! not that I lived for her to begin with I just wanted her blessing with it but she hasnt said anything about it so its ok im going for it ... next time I see him im asking him if he wants to come to the house and chill out or something f**k all this being alone for my life!!!! ill keep you all informed ! My ms is doing fine now(keep your fingers crossed) not fine but the best ill prob ever be ok I can deal with this I guess!! Well take care.


Blogger astroboy said...

go get him

1:39 PM  
Blogger "B" said...

ty im trying to just live a "normal" life if nothing happens it is cuz i dont want anything

9:01 PM  

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