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Friday, September 30, 2005

sad day.....

Oh my god im riding down the road and having the feeling that im so alone in this world.... I don’t know y.. its crazy I hate this I wanna be happy im home but I don’t even know where to call home anymore . I bounce from place to place so offten that I feel like I have no home.... I feel like when I want to get into a deep convo. about ms my "friends" don’t know what to say so there ready to change the subject.. So I don’t bring it up anymore. Im so sad and really have no reason to be sad. Help!!! I could cry at any moment! Oh well right life shall go on sad unhappy or not right? Uuuggghhh.... and my 21st b day party is tomarrow and all I wanna do is cry! Does this mean im depresed ? Or does it mean im just human and have ms and its fucking with my head????? oh well life shall move on ....................
ya know I love my friends to death!!! but omg I don’t know what it is but I have this bla feeling like im a tossable person to them.... makes me upset...... I know or I think they love me .... if not they put up with me anyway right? Well I am going to go to bed now I have a long day tomarrow. We are having my drinking party tomarrow night... hopefully ill be ok... please keep your fingers crossed!!! Well take care guys....


Blogger elkie said...

HI "B"
I don't know if you come here anymore. But, I happend upon this page of yours tonight, "MS 101" and I would like to offer a few ideas to possibly help in several ways.
I also have MS. have for a long time.
But, I have found that there is alot that can be done with nutrition to help. Check out
malnutrition and stress seem to be major factors in MS.
The brain makes use of the choline and other B vitamins and I have found that they help alot. The mylar sheaths dry out and flake and I think they need omega 3 oils to get more healthy, as in primrose oil, flax seed oil,Wild Salmon oil, olive oil and other sources. Building up the needed nutrition is alot better for us, in my opinion, than to supress the immune system because it isn't functioning properly.
Lcarnitine also helps. Alot of the list I have put together can be found at mercola.
I have a list of supplements that seem related to helpfulness for MS. Some of the vitamins needed can be found at mercola, search on MS and also fibromyalgia, as they do share some of the same missing vitamins and are both seeming inflamitory illnesses,
white oak bark is a natural anti-inflamitory and the body can have it every day and it seems to be helpful to me. It can be bought in capsules at a health food store sometimes it is called willowprin.

I hope you will try the Bcomplex and choline and some of mercolas suggestions and feel better.
I don't think my friends understand either who don't have MS. But I do and I know there are those of us who do understand what you are dealing with .
May you keep your dreams alive no matter what and may the Good Lord bless you as He has me with a closer and caring relationship with Him with his help in all things.take care, elkie

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