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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy halloween!!!

well i hope everyones had a great halloween... i had an ok one well at moms the t or t at diffeant times so the cops only have like 1/4 of the town to watch than it all so moms part was thurs. so really it was a normal day... it was like la day da... lol but sry i havent wroter in a few been kinda just chillin i guess.... thought id update ya ll on my ms tho... it isnt that bad ! but my lips and lower part of my left arm has been numb all day! my balance is off also..... but im ok mom seems to think its my body saying that i need my fix! navantrone fix that is lol.


Blogger amanda said...

You know I believe that your mom is right about needing your fix. When I was on Novantrone (let's hope I don't need it again)I was on it every 6 weeks and at week 5 I seemed to be feeling a lil weird and my symptoms that went away origainally w/the Novantrone just bam came right back. So maybe that is what this is all about for you?? Good Luck sweetie!!!!

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