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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

here we go

Hey ok here we go.... 1 week till I go back to moms.... today I went to nanas till kelly got off work well I got there was fine till I got online sat down in pop pop’s chair and got all stuffy and my right eye started to swell they put doggy perfume on the damn dogs took two benadrill and had pop pop bring me home.. Fine now eye still swollen a little bit but other than that and the fact that I feel like I have no energy at all... and my head feels like its going to explode... I guess im ok lol... hope ya’lls day is going better than mine lol.. Take care......
Ok im sitting here balling my damn eyes out..... I wrote well typed my "best" friend/sister/room mate a letter to tell her how I feel like we don’t talk about nothing but "old" times im scared to give it to her I would die if this friend dropped me like others have ... im so scared aextious to give it to her afraid of what her response to it will be it’s like 11:30 pm and im really tiered cant sleep tho I have to give it to her tomorrow tho cuz I leave sat. and she works Thurs. and Friday night.. So I have to I want her to get me to understand me my ms and the way my life is right now...wish me luck right???


Blogger amanda said...

Well Brandi I wish you luck!! If she is as good of a friend that you have told me she is she will appreciate the fact that you opened the door to this. You 2 def. need to talk about how you both are feeling. You guys are friends don't ever forget that!! If she doesn't understand and if for some bad luck reason she wants to be "done"...then she isn't a friend!!! SO Good Luck and my fingers are crossed for you!!!

2:27 PM  

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