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Saturday, November 19, 2005

a new day

a new day im going to try to be more + about my life with everything.. lol ill prob come here and bitch still but im going to try to be more positive like mom says i sould ... anyone see larry king live last night?/ it had mariedeth verria and her hubby and a country singer clay something and terri garr and a r and b singer wih ms and a ms doc. and they were all + so ima try to be....think itll work?
i hope so ... im sick and tierd of being sick and tierd ya know??


Blogger amanda said...

Yep I did see Larry King last night. Won't share with you what I thought about all the people on it. you can read what I thought on my blog...

Definitely being positive helps A LOT!!!

3:54 PM  

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