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Friday, November 18, 2005


ok im toerd and feel a lil better but im still tierd... i havent been doing anything really chill around the house online and relaxin all day trying to make my self eat.... it so sucks as to have to brib your self to eat omg... well im am gonna talk to my best friend and seee if she would mind me posting pics of the kids.. and of lil things and people at my patry .... cuz she is in the pics so is another good friend so i guess i gotta talk to em b4 i put em up i dont even knoe if i can post more than one pic on here anyone know?


Blogger amanda said...

Brandi Yes you can post more than 1 pic on here at a time. Once you post the first pic. you just do the same thing over again!!! Need anymore help? Just e-mail me and I will help ya!!!

Glad that you are feelin a lil better the tired thing takes a lil while. The bribing ur self to eat that will get easier with time too. Good luck make sure u at least eat crap like toast, crackers, soup stuff like that.

7:06 AM  

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