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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

im sad ok hers y:
i get my novantrone appt. every 3 mo. so i have one due in feb. and bubba 1st birthday is the 25 of feb so in turn means i have to have my novantrone at the beginning of feb witch thats kool but then we move to my next appt witch is in may
and my best friends b day is on the 22 and my lil sis gratuates from high school on the 9th of june... but when am i or how am i gonna squezze my treatment in without haveing to be in pa for 1 mo.?? help.. i hate having to bounce back and forth.. it kills me... help??


Blogger amanda said...

I don't know I wish I could help you some. I guess just try to remember after the uchiness of the Novantrone wears off...remember how much better you do!!!

I hope that you figure everything out!!!

4:42 PM  

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